Professionele kappersscharen set - Kappersschaar - 10-Delige set - Kappersschaar set - Kapper - Kappersmantel - Kappersschaar rechtshandig - Kappersset - Kappersproducten - Kapper - Uitdunschaar - Puntkammen - Nekkwast - Coupeschaar met Pinksteun


Professionele kappersscharen set - Kappersschaar - 10-Delige set - Kappersschaar set - Kapper - Kappersmantel - Kappersschaar rechtshandig - Kappersset - Kappersproducten - Kapper - Uitdunschaar - Puntkammen - Nekkwast - Coupeschaar met Pinksteun

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Product description

This professional all-in-one hairdressing set is a must have for new and existing hairdressers. Thanks to this set you have everything at hand to give the best haircuts. With this hairdressing set you can now easily get started with hair cutting or styling at home and is ideal for novice hairdressers or for home users.

What's in the set:

⭐️ Professional cutting scissors with twist screw
⭐️ Professional thinning scissors with twist screw
⭐️ Black thinning comb
⭐️ 2 hair clips
⭐️ Hairdresser's coat
⭐️ Hairbrush
⭐️ Polishing cloth
⭐️ Leather storage folder⭐️ Handy case

High quality scissors:

The scissors are made of completely forged and nickel-plated steel with diamond-ground blades. Furthermore, the scissors have an ideal size at 15.2 cm and they also contain a handy finger rest and turning screw. With this screw you can loosen or tighten the hairdressing scissors. The perfect adjustment can be achieved in a very simple way. How does the adjustment work: You take the hairdressing scissors and make sure that the blades are at an angle of 90 ° stand. Release the horizontal blade. The space between the cutting blades after release should be between 1.5 and 2 cm for perfect smoothness. These hairdressing scissors are covex sharpened, which means that the scissors are sharpened in a special way. The angle of the cutting blade is more oblique than with a flat cutting blade. With convex sharpened hairdressing scissors, the hair is cut at an angle. This ensures that the hair dries out less quickly and reduces split ends. With a flat cutting blade, the hair is cut flat. This causes split ends to occur more quickly.

Ergonomic design:

An ergonomic design with hairdressing scissors means that the hairdressing scissors are positioned so that the hairdressing scissors are at hand. This ensures a nice grip, a comfortable and relaxed working method. In addition, bruises and friction are reduced. In a classic design, the finger eyes are perpendicular to each other, which provides an authentic feel but no ergonomic grip.


✅ Professional hairdressing set
✅ Covex sharpened knife blades
✅ Finger rest
✅ 10-piece set
✅ Suitable for professional hairdressers

Cutting scissors:

the scissors are ideal for cutting, trimming or updating the dots. These scissors have two cutting blades on each side without any serrations. Handle these cutting scissors with care because if you drop them often, the cutting blades can no longer match. This ensures that you can no longer cut properly while the scissors are still sharp.

Drop scissors:

the thinning scissors are perfect for removing hair without changing the hairstyle too much. It makes your hair lighter, it sinks less and your hair is easier to style. These coupe scissors have one cutting blade with fine teeth. In addition to thinning, these scissors will also shorten the length of your hair a bit.

Maintain scissors:

The maintenance of hairdressing scissors is very important, if you do not do this, the hairdressing scissors will no longer work as well. Hairdressing scissors can be maintained in different ways. One way is to wash your client's hair before cutting. This ensures that it is easy to cut and that is better for your hairdressing scissors! The flexibility of the hairdressing scissors is also important. You can see how you can set this up at cup High quality scissors.

Also clean your hairdressing scissors after every haircut, often some remain after a haircut small hairs left in your hairdressing scissors. Simply blowing or wiping with the supplied cloth is sufficient.

If you use hairdressing scissors very often, use special oil designed for scissors. This ensures that the blades and hinges remain flexible for a nice cutting feeling.

Product Specifications
Other features
Number of items in package 1 piece(s)
Number of pieces in package 1 piece(s)
Weight 333g
Multifunctional Yes
Right or left handed Right-handed and left-handed
Type of scissors Hairdressing scissors
Packaging width 148mm
Packing height 60mm
Packaging length 253mm

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